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  • Vaneshia Jenkins, LPC

10 Ways to De-stress

In order to maintain healthy mental health and wellness, it is crucial that you incorporate a consistent routine to de-stress. Carrying stress from day to day often leads to burnout, depression, anxiety, and a lowered immune system which contributes to illnesses. Here are 10 simple ways to destress.

1. Plan a weekend getaway.

Planning can be a great way to give you something to look forward.

2. Take a long, hot bath.

Adding essential oils, such as lavender, has been associated with decreasing tension.

3. Engage in an enjoyable activity.

When you are doing things that you truly enjoy, you naturally feel better.

4. Explore a new hobby.

The long work week can sometimes make life feel mundane. Break up the monotony, by trying something new. For example, learn a new musical instrument, try salsa dancing, fishing, etc.

5. Get out and explore nature.

Research has found a lower instance of depression, anxiety and migraines amongst people who lived within half a mile of green space.

6. Read a good book.

Reading can be a great way to remove you from the stresses of your own world.

7. Volunteer.

Altruism, devoting your time in a selfless act to benefit someone else, has been shown to have great benefits to mental health as a whole.

8. Meditation.

Meditating is basically calming or silencing your mind. Throughout your day your mind is constantly working, planning, and strategizing and needs calming periodically.

9. Get moving.

Exercise jumps start your endorphins which makes you feel good. Studies have shown that exercise improves mood and increase overall health and well-being.

10.Deep Breathe

Deep breathing increases energy, calms anxiety, and relieves pain and can be done anywhere at anytime.

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