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  • Vaneshia Jenkins, LPC

5 Ways We All Can Benefit from Counseling

Counseling is often thought of in such a negative light. Many assume that engaging in counseling implies some level of weakness. However, it takes a considerable amount of strength to be honest and open about your struggles, challenges, desires, and needs. Take a look at a few ways counseling can benefit you or your loved one.

1. Counseling is confidential.

Unlike, talking to your friends and family, counseling is bound by strict guidelines to maintain your confidentiality.

2. Counseling teaches healthy communication and interpersonal skills.

As we know, so much of conflict happens when what we are "trying" to communicate is misunderstood or miscommunicated.

3. Counseling can help you cope with distressful feelings and thoughts.

Counselors teach strategies to assist you in gaining more control over your thoughts and feelings through a variety of skills and techniques.

4. Counseling can help you feel empowered.

Counselors help remind you of your strengths, positive assets, abilities, and resources. Sometimes when we are feeling down and helpless it is difficult to see any positives in a situation.

5. Counseling helps relieve depression, anxiety, and many other mental health concerns.

There is no reason to live in misery when there are trained professionals that can help improve your quality of life.

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